From single packages (LCL) to complete multinational consolidation solutions, LPL LOGISTICS is ready to meet all of your ocean freight needs.
We offer bulk consolidation for small packages in terms of quantity and weight that cannot fully utilize the capacity of a single container. We package your goods separately and arrange them together based on destination after ensuring compatibility with other goods. Your goods are then conveyed to their final destination. Our fixed weekly container loading schedule to major destinations around the world helps customers plan their shipments accurately in advance. We are proud to always bring you high quality solutions, quickly and wholeheartedly respond to the needs of our customers at a competitive cost.

Full flexibility

  • Utilizing our extensive global network and dedicated LCL specialists in key markets, our services cover virtually all departures and destinations via over 10,000 routes worldwide.
  • With regular departures and fixed stoppages of the container loading and unloading station (CFS), we take care of every detail of our customers’ cargo from departure to arrival at its final destination. together.

Consolidate shipments and save time and money

  • Transporting project goods, construction goods requires special skills, attention and close attention. This type of goods is often demanding on delivery time and has a high value – With extensive experience in domestic logistics and a team of dedicated project cargo experts, LPL LOGISTICS ensures safe delivery. complete and on time.